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Developing Your HR Strategy In Times Of Uncertainty

Developing Your HR Strategy in Times of Uncertainty

HR Strategy Make Us Think in Terms of Goals. HR Strategy Helps Focus and Map Out a Plan.  

During high times, your HR strategy might be able to sail through seamlessly. However, would it also be successful during uncertain times?

In times of uncertainty, employees look up to their leaders and organization to create some kind of a base to focus on. This base will allow them to think in terms of goals within this focus and map out a plan where they can plan and strategize their work. 

Here are three questions that can help you to think about your next HR strategy: 

  1. What are the three most important goals for your business in the next 6 - 12 months? 
  2. What are the three most important goals in managing your team and organization to achieve these goals?
  3. What are our existing people capabilities and what can we do to reach these goals?

By posing these three questions, it will help you and your HR team to understand the existing challenges and opportunities to improve to reach your goals. Once you’ve mapped your goals, you and your team can begin to do these: 

HR Strategy Process Develop Design Deliver Debrief

Phase 1. Develop your HR Strategy

Review your key HR goals for the next 6 - 12 months that will align with your business goals. Invite stakeholders outside of your HR team in developing HR strategy to ensure your HR goals have encompassed their needs. Often times, we might have our “blindspots.” Having an external stakeholder will help you in ensuring you have a solid HR strategy that’s relevant to the business. 

Phase 2. Design your HR Strategy

It’s time to design your human resources strategy. This will include both strategy and operational ways on your philosophy and your approach in how your HR strategy will look like and how it will benefit your team and organization: 

HR Strategy 6 steps
  • 1 Based on your business strategy, is your organization design still relevant?
  • 2 Does your working culture reflect the right key behaviors and work norms that will benefit our goals?
  • 3 Based on your existing people capabilities and our business goals, what are the additional capabilities we need and how can we recruit these candidates?
  • 4 How can we ensure we onboard our new hires effectively and develop our existing employees to ensure we can upgrade our capabilities as a team?
  • 5 How can we engage and manage our team performance regardless of where they work?
  • 6 How can we ensure our exiting employees can have a positive experience and how can we maintain our connection with them?

Phase 3. Deliver your HR Strategy

You can decide which strategy that needs to be delivered first and which should be delivered at a later time. Having this prioritization will help you and your HR team focus on the quick wins and gain feedback. Don’t forget to communicate the changes to your team and to the employees to ensure everyone understands why we made these changes and what it means to them and to the organization as a whole. 

Phase 4. Debrief and Iterate

Having a debrief is necessary to review whether our plan is actually working and making things better. Expect there will be some quirks in the beginning and getting people to adjust to the new changes. However, after a period of time, we should measure the impact on the changes and plan for iteration.

Regardless of uncertain times, you can still develop your HR strategy and engage your employees to stay focus on the goals, collaborate productively, and maintain their connections with our organization. Once the HR strategy has been created, maintain the delivery by focusing on key important goals. Some things will go side of the tracks sometimes, however, as long as we can maintain our focus, we will be able to drive the business forward by having a solid HR strategy and implementation plan. 

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