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Jakarta, August 11, 2023

Joint Press Release

New York University in Collaboration with Catalyst Global Consulting and Kuncie to Launch an Innovative Leadership Program, Providing Access to World-Class Learning for Indonesia and Southeast Asia Leaders


[Jakarta, 11th August 2023] - New York University (NYU), a leading global university, partners with Catalyst Global Consulting (Catalyst) and Kuncie, to launch the NYU-Catalyst Global Executive Program: Innovative Leadership. This groundbreaking initiative aims to open access for Indonesia and Southeast Asia leaders to gain world-class learning from NYU, and equip them with the essential skills to compete globally.

As we face the challenges of preparing Indonesian and  Southeast Asian talents to compete with leaders globally, it has become increasingly evident that sharpened leadership skills are of utmost importance. In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, possessing strong leadership abilities is key for success.

However, accessing high-quality executive learning programs has been a significant challenge for executives, given their tight schedules and professional commitments. Many talented leaders aspire to study abroad to enhance their skills and gain exposure to diverse perspectives, but are often hindered by logistical and financial barriers.

Through the collaboration, the Innovative Leadership Program will offer Indonesia and Southeast Asia leaders a unique opportunity to receive a world-class learning from one of the most renowned educational institutions. Participants will have access to NYU's exceptional faculty and industry leaders, cutting-edge curriculum, and extensive resources, all tailored to develop their leadership acumen.

"Kuncie is thrilled to partner with NYU and Catalyst for the Innovative Leadership Program. This initiative provides access for professionals throughout Indonesia to obtain international-level quality education. Through this program, we hope that more professionals will be able to improve their leadership competencies in an increasingly dynamic and challenging era," said Hendra Saputra, CEO of Kuncie. 

"With NYU and Catalyst’s expertise and resources, combined with Kuncie's innovative learning management platform, this partnership will empower Indonesia and Southeast

Asia leaders to gain internationally recognized learning without the need to travel abroad. We are excited about bringing world-class learning to the region and we believe this program will help shape future leaders in Indonesia and in the region in accelerating progress and in leading through innovation,” added Reno Rafly, CEO of Catalyst Global Consulting and Program Director of the NYU-Catalyst Global Executive Program.

"Telkomsel supports the initiatives carried out by our subsidiary INDICO through Kuncie in collaboration with Catalyst and NYU. As a company that plays an active role in driving digital transformation in Indonesia, we continue to seek opportunities to improve the capabilities of Indonesian talent to prepare them for global challenges in the future," said R. Muharam Perbawamukti, Director of Human Capital Management of Telkomsel.

Application  for the NYU-Catalyst Global Executive Program: Innovative Leadership, is now open. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of leadership topics, including adaptive innovation, design thinking, change leadership, and leading across cultures. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with global renowned faculty, interact with industry experts, and collaborate with a diverse network of peers. Classes will be conducted online, allowing participants to balance their professional commitments while advancing their education.

About New York University

Founded in 1831, New York University (NYU) is a prestigious university with a strong academic reputation, notable professors and alums, and has expanded its global reach internationally through its 20 schools and colleges. NYU is ranked #25 top university in the USA and is ranked #38 in the QS World University Rankings. For more info, visit

About Catalyst Global Consulting

At Catalyst, we believe in co-designing the best people & organizational strategy to deliver the best approach for your business growth. Founded in 2015 in New York City, we have partnered with numerous businesses and HR leaders globally to identify, plan, and implement the right strategy. In 2022, Catalyst won the Top 10 Emerging Organizational Development in APAC. Now's the time to collaborate together and realize the future of your business. For more info, visit or via email at

About Kuncie

Kuncie is an educational solution provider for professionals, bringing together practitioners and experts from various fields as our mentors.  With an active user growth rate of 45.5%, Kuncie has achieved the first rank among education apps on the Google Play Store in Indonesia and received  the "Best Personal Growth" award at the 2021 Google Play Awards as a skill development app in various areas.  In 2022, Kuncie collaborated with one of Indonesia's top universities and launched its first Kuncie Executive class. To date, Kuncie has five Kuncie Executive classes and partnerships with three of Indonesia's best universities, as well as one top-ranked global university.

For more information and to apply  for the Innovative Leadership Program, please visit or contact [contact information].

Application is now open.  Participants will have the opportunity to engage with global renowned faculty, interact with industry experts, and collaborate with a diverse network of peers. 

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